Diamond Ring Buying Guide: 7thi Edition

How to evaluate, identify and select diamonds & diamond jewelry


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Shows with pictures what 

others explain with words

Learn how to judge diamond quality, spot fakes, select jewelry mountings, compare prices, get good value for your money and much much more. This is the book to take along when you go diamond shopping.

This updated 7th Edition has 140 new photos of ring styles, colored diamonds and contemporary diamond cuts; and information has been added on palladium, diamond treatments, fancy colored diamonds, synthetic diamonds, ring mountings, and the new GIA and AGS cut grading systems.

Diamond Ring Buying Guide, 7th Edition

by Renee Newman    ISBN 978-0929975-40-5   

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Paperback / 7" x 9" (18 x 23 cm) / 156 pages 

International Jewelry Publications / $18.95 


Want to feel truly confident in the jewelry store? Read this book [Diamond Ring Buying Guide] by an industry insider, which will teach you how to judge a quality diamond. What We Love: The seriously savvy shopping tips (like how to tell whether you’ve got an honest salesperson) and the massive color photos that reveal what diamonds look like under a loupe.

    Brides magazine

"An entire course on judging diamonds in 156 pages of well-organized information. This book could be used as a training manual for sales staff, or as a gift for those favored and inquisitive customers. For the consumer, the book serves as a checklist for the purchase, mounting and care of a diamond. The photos are excellent and there are plenty of uncomplicated illustrations to drive home the verbal points... another fine update in a series of books that are useful to both the jewelry industry and consumers."

    Gems and Gemology, reviewed by Gail Brett Levine, publisher, Auction Market Resource.

"Filled with useful information, drawings, pictures, and short quizzes...presents helpful suggestions on detecting diamond imitations, in addition to well-though-out discussions of diamond cutting, and how the various factors can influence value...a very readable way for the first-time diamond buyer to get acquainted with the often intimidating subject of purchasing a diamond."

    Stephen C. Hofer, President, Colored Diamond Laboratory Services, Jewelers' 

    Circular Keystone

"Will definitely help consumers...Written in a popular style with lots of personalized examples, the book should be easy reading for the young people who are thinking about their first diamond purchases."

    Lapidary Journal

"Useful, informative and pleasing...The Sixth Edition of the Diamond Ring Buying Guide is a significant improvement over the Fifth Edition, and it continues to be an excellent reference book—good value for both the serious diamond shopper and the diamond and diamond jewellery enthusiast."

    Peter Perrin, PhD, Canadian Gemmologist

"Expanded in both content and quality and number of illustrations to cover the significant changes that have occurred in diamond technology and the diamond ring industry over the last five years...This 6th edition still represents excellent value for money, and it is a very useful guide for those interested in purchasing a diamond ring. Gemmologists will find the information contained in this buyers guide up-to-date, accurate, and well presented."

    Australian Gemmologist

"A wealth of information...delves into the intricacies of shape, carat weight, color, clarity, setting style, and cut—keeping explanations streamlined enough so even the first-time diamond buyer can confidently choose a gem."


"Fact-filled, succinctly written...There’s no doubt this guide is a valuable asset to the retail jewelry buyer. Sellers concerned about shoddy competitors" might do themselves a favor by making this book available to those clients who are eager to find that optimum blend of value, quality and service. This is a definite thumbs up!"

    C.R. Beesley, President, American Gemological Laboratories.

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