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Independent Jewelry & Gem Appraisers & Associations

People have asked me for recommendations for appraisers; so I’m including a list of independent appraisers who are gemologists and who have completed formal education in appraisal procedures, ethics and law. Some of them may sell jewelry and gems on the side and not be completely independent. Because I haven't met a lot of these appraisers, this list is not an endorsement; it’s just for your convenience. Highly qualified appraisers also work in jewelry stores. You can locate them as well as independent appraisers by contacting the following organizations:  

Appraisal Associations

American Society of Appraisers (ASA) 703-478-2228,

International Society of Appraisers (ISA) 206-241-0359,

National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA) 718 896-1536,

Canadian Jewellers Institute (CJI), 416-368-7616 ext.223,

      Appraisers Canada for Jewellery Appraisal Services

Value the Past (An appraisal service that specializes in antique and estate jewelry and personal property)

1 877 797-9011, 

Association of Independent Jewellery Valuers (AIJV) 011 44 01738 450477


National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NCJV) 011 61 02 9232 6399, Australia,

Jewelry Appraisers of the World (A worldwide directory of independent appraisers)

For more information on appraisals, read Chapter 13 in Exotic Gems Volume 1 and Chapter 14 "Choosing an Appraiser" in the Gem & Jewelry Pocket Guide. Click for link to appraisal  Questions & Answers on this site


Independent Gem & Jewelry Appraisers

listed in alphabetical order by state and city (At the end by country)



Anchorage, Jordan Olive, GG, Member NAJA, 907-268-8018



Glendale,  Lauren Abramowitz, GG Member NAJA, 623-363-6571

Mesa, Audrey Hagedorn, GG, CSM (NAJA), 571-214-9343

Payson, Bonnie Wolff, GG, CG, Member NAJA, 480-420-8843

Peoria, Robert Connelly, GG, Member NAJA, 602-799-6458

Scottsdale, Sindi J. Schloss, GG, ISA, Member NAJA, 480-947-5866

Scottsdale, Raymond Mason, GG, Sr. Mbr NAJA, 480-946-9574

Tucson, Tracy Aros, GG, ASA-MGA, Member NAJA 520-751-7435

Tucson, Linda Salik, GG, ASA, Member NAJA< 520-169-7780



Little Rock, Krisztina Bagyula, GG,, 501-960-9546



Bethel Island, Patricia Atkins, GG, Member NAJA, 510-396-6937

Beverly Hills, Oscar Golbert, GG, ISA, AA, 310-278-102

Carlsbad, Elizabeth Taylor, GG GJG, Certified Member, 858-649-9061

Carlsbad, Kathleen Turner, GG, Member NAJA, 760-504-6343

Citrus Heights, Sam Schulman, GG, Member NAJA, 916-728-5280

Culver City, Patrick Davis, GG, ASA-MGA, 310-821-1453

Encinitas, CA, Rebecca Young Buys, GG, AJP, Sr Mbr NAJA, 760 518-1215

Folsom, Gretchen Lucas, GG, Sr. Mbr NAJA, 916 989-1943

Glendora, Theresa Newman Brossmer, GG, ASA, Sr. Mbr NAJA, 626 335-6002

Granite Bay, Alison LeBaron, GJG, ASA-MGA, Member NAJA, 916-791-3293

Huntington Beach, Julie Kerlin, GG, CSM (NAJA), 714-749-2343

Irvine, Vicki Adams, GG, ASA, CGL-AGA, Sr. Mbr NAJA, 949-851-1081

Los Altos, Carole Richbourg, GG, FGA, ASA-MGA, Member NAJA, 408 219-1175

Los Angeles, Darold C. Allen, GG, ASA-MGA, 213-623-3773

Los Angeles, Jo Ellen Cole, GG, FGA, Member NAJA, 760-822-9925

Los Angeles, Charles I. Carmona, GG, ASA, Member NAJA, 213-624-0137

Malibu, Danusia Niklewicz, GG, FGA, ASA, ISA CAPP, 310-829-5286

Newport Beach, Michael Cortez, GG, Member NAJA, 949-646-7004

Oakland, Rotem Cohen, GG, Member NAJA, 510-225-5054

Ontario, Deborah O’Donnell, GG, RGA, CSM (NAJA), 909-214-7510

Pasadena, Geoffrey A. Nelson, GJG, ISA, Sr. MBR NAJA, 626-568-4910

Sacramento, Charles Breitsprecher, PhD, RGA, CSM (NAJA), 916 418-4868

San Anselmo, Sandra Soklin, GG Member NAJA< 415-457-5321

San Diego, Thom Underwood, GG, FGA, ASA-MGA, CSM (NAJA), 619-286-6614

San Francisco, Cortney G. Balzan, GG, DGA, FGA, ASG-AGA, ASA-MGA, Sr. Mbr NAJA, 415-834-9209

San Francisco, David Harris, GG, ASG 415-252-9340

San Francisco, Linda L. Matula, GG, ASA, 415-834-0450

San Francisco, Barbra Voltaire, F.G.G., G.G., Member NAJA, 415 867-1853

San Jose, Natalia Berry, GG, Certified Member, 408-621-3925

San Jose, Stacy May, GG, Member NAJA, 408-391-0738.

Sherman Oaks, Jennifer Thornton-Davis, ASA-MGA, ISA CAPP, 818-988-5583

Tustin, May Karam, GG, Sr. Mbr, NAJA, 714-396-5606

Walnut Creek, Claire Pena, GG, Member NAJA, 925-216-9495

Walnut Creek, Jane E. Carleton, GG, Member NAJA, 925-393-1962

Whittier, Craig Sperling, JA, RGA, CMA, 800-732-4367



Colorado Springs, Julie Nash GG, ASA, 719-572-9558 & 888-440-6274

Denver, Star Edwards, GG, Member NAJA, 303-815-6704

Denver, Neil Beaty, GG, ICGA, Sr. Mbr, NAJA 303-223-4944

Denver, Warren Pressler, GG, Member NAJA,303-420-2369

Greeley, Lance Painter, GG Member NAJA, 970-225-0225

Longmont, William H. Lacert, GG, CSM NAJA, 303-916-3100



Hartford, John Codianni, GG, Member NAJA (860) 310-3261

Old Saybrook, Cynthia Konney, GG, ASA, ICGA, CSM (NAJA), 860-434-8885

West Hartford, Caroline Berrettini, GG, CGA, Member NAJA, 860 519-0673

West Hartford, Neil Cohen, GG, ASA-MGA, 860-232-2247



Newark, James Pomeroy, GG, CG Member NAJA, 302-562-0480

Rehoboth Beach, Schauder, Joan, GG, Member NAJA, 302-645-2317



Aventura, Arlene Schwarz, GG, ISA AM, Sr. Mbr, NAJA, 305-931-5800

Boca Raton, Duane Hutchison, GG, ASA-MGA, Member NAJA 561-955-0438

Coconut Grove, David Levison, GG, Member NAJA, 305-529-9997

Coral Gables, Christine Lones, GG, CG, CGA, Member NAJA, 305-740-7807

Lake Worth, Barbara Ringhiser, GG, FGA, Sr. Mbr NAJA 561-588-5458

Longwood, David Hermann, GG, DCA, Member NAJA< 407-774-8798

Lutz, Salvatore Pullaro, GG, RMV, 813-600-9600

Kissimmee, Carlos Castillo, GG, MS, Member NAJA 321-430-1619  

Miami, Jane Ramsey, GG, Member NAJA, 305-374-2411

Miramar Beach, Mary Virginia Haindel, GG, Sr Mbr NAJA, 504-282-6637

Mt. Dora, Stasia Paszkiewicz, GG, SR. Mbr, NAJA, 352, 589-7655

North Palm Beach, Virginia Utley, GG, ICGA, Member NAJA, 561-691-4649

Palm Beach Gardens, Holly Frisosky, GG, Member NAJA, 5621-676-5673

Ponte Vedra, Bobbi Howard, GG, Sr. Mbr NAJA, 904-608-7645

Ponte Vedra Beach, Kevin Carpenter, GG, Certified Member NAJA, 904-309-9990

Sarasota, Diana Jarrett, GG, RMV, 941-661-9100

Tallahassee, Davia Kramer, GG, ICGA, CSM NAJA, 850-222-4367

Tampa, Nicole Gunn, GG, Member NAJA, 561-660-0579

Tampa, Fred Ingram, GG, Member NAJA, 813-801-9860

Titusville, Jeanne Earley Hawk, GG, ASA, RMV, Member NAJA, 321-408-8244

Venice, Felker, Ouida, GG, Member NAJA, 941-488-4019

West Palm Beach, Stephanie Hardy, GG, GJG, Member NAJA, 561-833-7755

West Palm Beach, Chuck Stoddard, GG, CIA, Sr Member NAJA 561 683-0971

Winter Park, Julia Malaghan, GG, Member NAJA, 407-729-8802



Atlanta, Anne Epstein Jeffres, GG, CSM (NAJA), 404.585.7750

Atlanta, Stephen R. Turner, GG, CGA,CSM (NAJA), 404.851.9489

Canton & Holly Springs, Lydia Lee, GG, Member NAJA  404-402-6278

Decatur, Richard, Malerba, GG, Member NAJA, 404-271-3278

Eatonton, Lucille Feldman, GG, Member NAJA, 585-330-1815

Greensboro, Debra, Levasseur-Miller, GG, Member NAJA, 312-399-7779

Kennesaw, Edward A. Lewand, Jr., GG, ASA, Member NAJA, 516-429-2622

Marrietta, Anne Epstein Jeffres, GG, CSM (NAJA) 404-585-7750

Marrietta, Robert H. Hurt GG. Member NAJA, 470-368-8047

Savannah, Robert Rosenblatt, GG ASA-MGA, FCGmA, Sr, Mbr NAJA, 801-671-3190



Ewa Beach, Sandra Dougherty, GG, Member NAJA< 806-541-9696

Honolulu, Alison Hutchinson-Fahland, GG, Member NAJA, 808-868-1242



Boise, Sharon Wakefield, BS ChE, GG, ISA CAPP, 208-362-3938

Coeur d'Alene, Kenneth W. Burchell, GG, Member NAJA, 208.763.3370

Eagle, Ann Elizabeth Westley, GG, Member NAJA, 847-533-9942



Buffalo Grove, Cigdem Lule, GG, FGA, PhD, Member NAJA, 847-848-6230

Chicago, Heidi Harders, GG, ISA-CAPP, CSM (NAJA), 312-578-0440

Chicago, Lorraine Oakes, GG, Member NAJA, 312-263-2221

Chicago, Thomas Tashey, GG, FGA,  12-920-1541

Elmhurst, Dave Mayer, GG, Member NAJA, 847-414-4351

Forest Park, Alison Neumann, GG, Member NAJA, 630-728-8316.

Glenview, Richard B. Drucker, GG, ASG (AGA) CSM (NAJA), 847-657-0555 ext. 204

Glenview, Stuart Robinson, GG, Member NAJA, 847-657-0555 ext. 203

Glenview, Jennifer Santi, GG, Certified Member NAJA, 847-657-0555

Plainfield, DeAnn Schmidt, GG, Certified Member NAJA, 815-210-2711


Overland Park, Sara Thaemlitz, GG, Member NAJA, 816-806-4206



Erlanger, Mark Gamel, GG, CSM (NAJA),  859.282.2400

Shelbyville, Francine Williams, GG, Member NAJA, 330-608-8701



Baton Rouge, Gino Chirico, GG, Member NAJA, 225-767-5000

Lafayette, Harold Dupuy, GG, FGA, ASA MGA, Member NAJA, 337-262-7700

Lafayette, Eleanor Lipps, GG, ,Sr. Mbr NAJA, 337-344-3287

Metairie, Ira Savoie, GG, ICGA, Sr Mbr, NAJA, 504-834-0017

New Orleans, Sherry Kohlert, GG, Member NAJA, 504-915-5246



Damariscotta, Elizabeth Turner, GG, Member NAJA, 207-380-2000

Harpswell, Lawrence Reynolds, GG, Member NAJA, 207-232-3384

Kennebunk, Beth Doughty, GG, CMA (NAJA), 207-604-4423

Kennebunk, Steven Doughty, GG, Member NAJA, 207-604-4423

Ogunquit, Linda Quagliaroli, GG, Member NAJA, 207-852-4502



Annapolis, James V. Jolliff, GG, FGA, ISA-CAPP, CMA (NAJA), 410-897-0889

Bethesda, Edward A. O'Rourke, ASA-MGA, 301-656-4408

Bethesda, Thomas J. Terpilak, GG, FGA, ASA, AAA, 301-654-0838

Churchville, Vincent Lash, GG, Sr Mbr NAJA, 410-734-7552

Crownsville, Michael Cowing, M.Sc, FGA, Sr. Mbr, NAJA, 410-721-5211

Dundalk, Danielle Broussard, GG, Certified Member, 646-732-5695

Havre de Grace, Melanie Krummel, GG, CSM (NAJA), 410-804-0893

Leonardtown, Shari Mesh, GG, Member NAJA, 703-587-5659

Rock Hall, MD, David Atlas, GG, CSM (NAJA), 215-385-0258

Rockville, Robinson Bradbury, GG Member NAJA, 301-335-6689

Rockville, Sherlene Y Bradbury, GG, CMA (NAJA), 301-335-6687



Andover, Rhonda Edelman, GG, Certified Member, 978-809-2112

Framingham, John A. Caruso, GG, Sr Mbr NAJA, 617-529-4367

Millbury, MA, Paul Indorf, GG, FGA, ASA, MGA, Sr Mbr NAJA, 508-865-4179

Newton, Aimee Berrent, GG, Member, NAJA 617-304-0174

Newton Center, Leslie George, GG, Member NAJA, 617-340-6383

North Andover, Beth Doughty, GG, CMA (NAJA), 207-604-4423

No. Dartmouth, Arthur DeMello Jr., GG, ASG (AGA),  508-558-0277

North Reading, Jeffrey Ira, GG Member NAJA, 781-306-0099

Winchester, Beth Doughty, GG, AGA-CGL,CMA (NAJA), 207-604-4423

Winchester, Steven Doughty, GG, Member NAJA, 207-604-4423



Hartland, David Beyer, GG, Member NAJA, 517-294-7170

Lake Orion, Nicole T. Diliberti, ISA, GG, Mbr, NAJA 248-814-0362

Portage, Ellen Fillingham, GG, Sr Mbr NAJA, 269-217-5745

Traverse City, Victoria Moore, GG, Member NAJA, 231-252-2727

Troy, Charles M. Ellias, GG, Member NAJA, 248 593-5366

Troy, Stephen Till, GG, Member NAJA, 248-258-1667



Eagan, Harry Cannon, GG, 651-454-6783



Clayton, Theresa B. Kienstra, GG, ASA, AAA, 314-862-5054

Kirkwood, James Summa, GG, CGA, RG, Member NAJA, 314-965-0046

Hazelwood, Amanda McGhee, GG, Member NAJA, 314-703-7854

St. Louis, Marisa Vinciguerra, Member NAJA, GG  314-740-2022



Lincoln, Jeanné Lillich, GG, Member NAJA, 402 483-0444



Las Vegas, Terri Blodgett, RGA, Member NAJA, 702-858-3289

Las Vegas, Richard C..Huntington, GG, ASA, ICGA, 702-810-6103

Las Vegas, Anna Mack Gholson, GG, Sr Mbr, NAJA, 760 808-4808



West Lebanon, Katherine Pearce, GG, RMV, CSM (NAJA) 603-790-0389



Atlantic City, Mary Beth Aluise, GG, Member NAJA, 609-347-7653

Bloomfield, Sara Ritchie, GG, RMV, Member NAJA, 973-610-7517

Brick, Zelma Kapalka, GG, Certified Member NAJA, 732-610-0133

Burlington, Mary Beth Kroh, GG, CGA, Member NAJA, 609-313-3289

Haddonfield, Bernard D’Acenzo, GG, Member NAJA, 609-876-5810

Montague, Christian Richart, GG, CG, RMV, Member NAJA, 828-301-2109

Montclair, Elissa Cohen, GG, ISA Capp, Sr. Mbr, NAJA, 732-371-7418

Morristown, David Wolf, GG, ASA-MGA, Member, NAJA, 973-822-2222

Red Bank, Barbara R. Nevius, GG, ISA-AM, CSM (NAJA), 732-859-9194 

Princeton, Barbara R. Nevius, GG, ISA-AM, CSM (NAJA), 609 683-7730

Tenafly, Elisa Brisman, GG, Member NAJA, 917-929-8579.



Albuquerque, Mark T. Cartwright, GG, ASA, MGA, ICGA, CMA (NAJA), 505 884-4478

Albuquerque, Mary B. Reich, GG, FGA, ASA-MGA, CSM (NAJA) 505-884-4478

Albuquerque, Lara Scarberry, GG, Member NAJA, 505-239-6217

Santa Fe, Lynn Kelly, GG, Member NAJA, 505-490-1270



Albany, Joyce Panitch, GG, Sr Member NAJA, 518-438-1200

Brooklyn, Elliot Nakkab, GG, Member NAJA, 212-470-5126

Carle Place, Barry S. Block, GG, CSM-NAJA, ASA-MGA, RMV, 516-248-8130

Coram, Joseph Clifford, GG, RMV, Member NAJA, 516-680-4965

Corning, Holly McGrath, GG, Member NAJA, 607-368-7713

Croton-on-Hudson, David Bidwell, GG, Sr Mbr NAJA, 845-546-5731

Great Neck, Edward Kordmany, GG, ASA-MGA, 516-773-3241

Great Neck, Kenneth Leiman, GG, ISA, Sr Mbr NAJA, 212-382-2888

Harrison, Robert Bunda, FGAA, Member NAJA, 212-488-6553

Huntington, David Lash, GG, Member NAJA, 631-932-4367

Manhasset, Deborah A. Villepigue, GG, RMV, AGA, SCM-NAJA, APPA, CGA, ICGA, 516 365-0888

Mechanicville, William Preston, GG, CG, Member NAJA, 973-879-5278

New York, Robert C. Aretz, ISA, GG, Sr. Mbr, NAJA, 212-333-3122

New York, Robert Bunda, FGAA, Member NAJA, 212-489-6553

New York, Travis Lejman, GG, FGA, CSM (NAJA), 212-382-2888

New York, Elliot Nakkab, GG, Member NAJA, 212-470-5126

New York, Donald A. Palmieri, GG, ASA-MGA, 212-869-8985

New York, Steven Rees, GG, Member NAJA, 212-847-3390

New York, David Schwimmer, GG, Member NAJA, 212-944-8099

New York, Jackie Wax, GG, Member NAJA, 212-533-5270

New York, David Wolf, GG, ASA-MGA, Member NAJA 212-315-0750

Rego Park, Gail Brett Levine, GG, Senior Member NAJA, 718-897-7305

Troy, Diane Burke, GG, Sr Mbr NAJA, 518-438-1511

Valhalla, Robert Constable, GG, Charter Sr Member NAJA, 914-715-4176



Asheville, Kathleen Gold, GG, Member NAJA 773 758-9791

Ashville, Marylen Sue Scott, McKenzie, GG, Member NAJA  828 277-0722

Raleigh, Jill Fletcher, GG, Member NAJA 919 909-5100

Corolla, Garrilea Adams, GG, Certified Member, 757 676-6900

Durham, Chaya Udinsky, GG, RMV, Member NAJA 919-590-5195

Greensboro, Terry Kahn, GG, Member NAJA, 336-763-1691

Raleigh, Keith Rivenbark, GG, Member NAJA, 919-605-4479



San Juan, Berthy Nayor-Cohen, GG, Certified Member, NAJA, 787-724-4855



Beachwood, Lana Lowencamp, GG, Member NAJA, 216 591-0685

Beachwood (Cleveland), Amy Mickelson, G.G., Member. NAJA, 216-591-0685

Beachwood, Liberty Ann Otto, GG, Member NAJA, 216-591-0685

Cincinnati, Katy Bodenburg, GG, CMA (NAJA), 513 984-1185

Cincinnati, Randal L. Vap, GG. RJ, Member NAJA, 513-793-1684

Cleveland, Pamela S. Chester, GG, Member NAJA, 330-256-0405

Hillard, Stephen Mickam, GG, Member NAJA, 614-638-8285

Mason, Daniel Ulm, GG, Certified Member NAJA, 913-302-5225

Maumee, James O’Bryant, GG ICGA, Member NAJA, 419-897-2138

Worthington, Gina Dustin, GG, CGA, Member NAJA, 614-898-7927

Worthington, Mitchell Dustin, GG, ICGA, Member NAJA, 614-898-7927



Edmond, OK, James, Harrison, GG, Member NAJA, 216-734-8327



Eugene, Julia Rhoda, GG, Member NAJA, 310-721-5123

Portland, Sharie Dietz, GG, 503-274-7022

Portland, Mona Miller, GG, FGA, ASA-MGA, Sr. Mbr NAJA, 503-274-7022

Portland, Bradley Pear, GG, CSM (NAJA) 503-274-7022



Bensalem, Paula A. Fox, GG, ISA-AM, Sr. Mbr, NAJA, 215-639-8724

Bethlehem, Jane E. Chaikowsky, ISA, GG, CSM (NAJA), 610-332-2777

Cannsburg, Deborah Stanko, GG, Member NAJA, 724-941-8300

Haverford, David S. Atlas, GG, CSM (NAJA), 215-385-0258

Malvern, Alisa Katz, GG, Member NAJA, 610-246-7131

Mechanicsburg, Jill Marrow, GG, ISA, Member NAJA, 717-439-9699

Millersville, Dominic Spadea, GG, Member NAJA, 717-871-9466

Montgomeryville, Pamela Kudysch, GG, CSM (NAJA), 215-345-1987

Phoenixville, Paula Fox, GG, ISA-CAPP, Sr Mbr NAJA, 215-801-6264



Greenwich, Alan Tonkover, GG, CG, RMVP, Member NAJA, 401-228-7760

Newport, Leslie George, GG, Member NAJA, 617-340-6383



Memphis, Claire Canale, GG, AJP, Certified Member NAJA, 901-682-8036

Nashville, Van McMinn, GG, Certified Member NAJA, (615) 397-5603



Austin, Joy Aiken, GG, Sr Mbr NAJA, 517-420-0111

Austin, Svetlana Boika, AJP, Member NAJA, 512-228-9504

Austin, Linda LaPorte, GG, ASA-MGA, Member NAJA, 512-318-2206

Austin, Jayne Schultz, GG, Member NAJA, 512-992-9927

Bellaire, Steven Silver, GG, Member NAJA, 713 622-9070

Bellaire, Christine York, GG, ASA-MGA, 713-665-1650

Dallas, Miles Dowd, GG, 972-342-8456

Dallas, Margaret C. Gronberg, ISA, GG, 214-369-5361

Dallas, Douglas Miles, GG, Member NAJA, 972-342-8456

Dallas, Shawn Anne Hall, GJG, Member NAJA, 214-808-8278

Dallas, Steven Jarvis, GG, Sr Mbr NAJA, 972-851-0009

Dallas, Steven Silver, GG, Member NAJA, 713-622-9070

Flint, Richard Armstrong, GG, RG, CSM (NAJA), 903 426-7859

Fort Worth, Margaret Kluch, GG,.Member NAJA, 214-213-4779

Helotes, Mark Saenz, GG, Member NAJA, 210-316-8758

Houston, Angelica Chapman, GG, ASA, Sr. Member NAJA, 832-419-4122

Houston, Ben Gordon, GG, M.G.G./A, Member, NAJA, 713-961-1432

Houston, Robin Kayem-Hancock, ISA, GG, 713-468-0477

Houston, Adrian Rapp-Lewis, GG, ISA, Sr. Mbr, NAJA 281-304-8989

Houston, Shelley Sandler, GG, ISA, 713-355-3552, 832-419-4122

Rockwall, Tom Ryan III, GG, Member NAJA, 214-912-4544

Round Rock, Diana Zavala, FGA, RGA, Member NAJA, 512-417—0223

San Antonio, Marcia Medley, CG, Member NAJA, 830-257-2662

San Antonio, Kile Rocha, GG, Member NAJA, 210-685-4766

Spring, Lucy Steele, GG, Member NAJA, 817-975-2101

Sugar Loaf, Guenton Elliott, GG, Member NAJA, 713—528-1641

Sumner, Anthony Underwood, GG, JA, Member NAJA

Universal City, Mark Villanueva, CSMP, RGA, AJP, Member NAJA, 281-707-5002



St.George, Patrick Stout, GG, Member NAJA, 435-414-1404



Braintree, Shannon Freeman, GG, AJP, Member NAJA, 802-522-2829



Alexandria, Deborah Finlean, GG Member CMA (NAJA), 703-994-9001

Bedford, Sonia Lanham, GG, Member NAJA, 540-875-7492

Chesapeake, Geneva, Koutas, GG, Member NAJA, 757-435-1700

Falls Church, Jeffrey Allison, GG, Sr Mbr NAJA, 703-786-5349

Falls Church, Sharon Allison, GG, Member NAJA, 703-786-5349

Haymarket, Nina Bogatyr, GG, Sr Mbr NAJA, 703-592-4247

McLean, Martin David Fuller, GG, CSM (NAJA), ASA-MGA, 703-442-6690

McLean, Jeffrey Allinson, GG CSM (NAJA), 703 786-5349

Norfolk, S. Quinn McCarthy, GG, Member NAJA. 757-869-2424

Reston, Larry Pegden GG, RMV, Member NAJA, 703-798,8937

Roanoke, Michaux Chopska, GG, RGA, Member, NAJA, 540-566-3778.

Virginia Beach, Deborah Chevalier, GG, Member NAJA, 757-753-9885

Woodbridge, Frederick VanDoren, GG, CGA, 703-583-1193

Woodbridge, Scott Heasley, GG, Member NAJA, 703-868-2572



Bellevue, Ted A. Irwin, GG, ASG, ICGA, Member NAJA, 425-455-0985

Kirkland, Saleena Zeman-Murphy, GG, Member NAJA, 425-898-4845

Lacey, John Vivian, GG, ASG, RMV, CMA (NAJA) 360-280-0154

Puyallup, Jack Spirit, GG, Certified Member NAJA, 760-274-5819

Seattle, Larry Azose, GG, AGA-CGL, Member NAJA, 206-624-3798

Seattle, Kim Smith, GG, Member NAJA, 206-622-0223

Seattle, Craig Walters, GG, Member NAJA, 503-679-8778

Seattle, Christine M. Harrington, GG, FGA, ASA-MGA, 206-682-5548

Tacoma, John Vivian, GG, ASG, RMV, CMA (NAJA) 360-280-0154

Wenatchee, Michael Barnhart, GG, Sr. Mbr NAJA, 509-665-3800



Chatswood, NSW, Mark Mitchell, FGA, FGAA Member NAJA, 61-02-9419-7908

Melbourne, Victoria, Stephan Alan Jenkinson, FGAA, NCJV, 03-9650-7221

Nerang, Queensland, Kym Hughes, FGA, FGAA, Dip Val, 07 5596-1775

Sydney, NSW, Lina Youkhana FGAA, 0414-850-515

Sydney, Terrence Mitchell, FGA, Member NAJA, 02-9419-7908

Wentworthville, NSW, Robert M. Vella, FGAA, 61-2-9635-5396


BRAZIL, Miguel Carlos Zenetos, Member NAJA, 55-19-983267000




Calgary, Raphael Boivin, Member NAJA, 866-351-5566



Kelowna, Heather Davis, GG, FCGmA, AGA-CGL, Member NAJA, 250-862-7619

Port Coquitlam, Harold Lindsay, GG. CJA (CAP), Member, NAJA, 604-771-7794

Pritchard, Barbara Horton, RMV, Member NAJA, 778-908-3376

Vancouver, Harold Lindsay, GG, RMV, CJA, ASA-MGA, Member NAJA, 604-771-7794

Vancouver, Darlene Wong, FCGmA, ISA CAPP, RMV, CAP-CJA, Member NAJA

Vancouver, Angelina Yip, GG, RGA, RMV, Member NAJA, 604-687-0039



Guelp, Karen Howard, FGA, RMV, 519-546-0112

Toronto, Anne Neumann, GG, CGA, AA-CJI, 416-366-6518

Toronto, Duncan Parker, FGA. FCGmA, AA-CJI, 416-366-6518

Toronto, Jack Gulian, AA-CJI, 416-594-9623

Toronto, Debra Sawatzky, GG, ISA-CAPP, (416) 362-9011



Winnipeg, Wiens, GG Member NAJA, 204-257-9933



Athens, George Spyromilios, DGA, Member NAJA, 30-20103319383



Auckland, Michael Emerson, FGA, Certified Member NAJA, 64-9-379-0078

Auckland, Paul Nilsson, CG, FGA, Member NAJA, 64 9-489-9919

Auckland, Jill Towers, FGA, DGA, BSc, 64-09-575-5955

Lower Heights, Dennis Blacklaws, GG, Sr Mbr NAJA, 64-04-566-3668



Birmingham, SafeGuard, wholly owned by the Birmingham Assay Office,, 44(0) 871-423-7922. 

Braintree, Dunmow, Mary Waterfall, FGA, IRV, 44 (0) 781-1399247

Bristol, Gareth Brown, Gem A Certificates in Gemology & Diamond Grading, IRV, 44 (0) 759-905-5094

Crawley, Karra Ellison, FGA, FIRV, PJValDip, AJP, 44 (0) 129-340-9295

Durham, Patricia Negus, FGA, FIRV, FNAG, PJValDip, 44-(0) 7955-385561

Exeter, Michael Inkpen, FGA,  FIRV,  44 (0) 1392 268203

London, Kehan Li, FGA, DGA, PJValDip, 44 (0) 20-8275-8690

Windsor, Berkshire, Shirley Mitchell, FGA, DGA, Member NAJA, 44-1753-831511



Ballaghaderreen, Padraic Levin FGA, RJDip, Member NAJA, 353-094-986-2687

Dublin, David Dupuy, FGA, FIRV, PValDip, 087-784-7373  



Edinburgh, Ewin Taylor, FGA, FIRV, NAG, 44 (0) 131-315-9503

Perth, Adrian S Smith, FGA, FIRV, Sr. Mbr. NAJA, 44 (0) 1738 450477


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