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A Gold Mine of Info

The only consumer book that shows how to determine if jewelry is well-made and if the metal is real or fake. First published as the Gold Jewelry Buying Guide, this new version has detailed information on platinum markings, regulations, benefits and alloys. Also included are guidelines for estimating value and tips on reselling your jewelry and selecting chains and mountings.

by Renee Newman / $19.95 / Paperback / 6.75 x 9" / 156 pages

International Jewelry Publications / ISBN 0-929975-29-4

The Gold & Platinum Jewelry Buying Guide will be going out of print but it is still available at some jewelry supply stores, gemological organizations and foreign bookstores


"Fun and easy-to-read... This book should be required reading for consumers and jewelers alike! It offers step-by-step instructions for how to examine and judge the quality of craftsmanship and materials even if you know nothing about jewelry... Packed with close-up photos to demonstrate what is right and what is not, this book clears up all the doubts and misconceptions one might have. Included are methods for determining whether a piece is cast, stamped or fabricated, whether stones are properly set, and which is better, white gold, yellow gold or platinum.

     If you are thinking of buying, making or selling jewelry as a hobby, as a career or just one time, then this book is a great place to start."

Jeweler's Circular Keystone Magazine, reviewed by Alan Revere, master goldsmith and director of the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts,

"Provides easily understood details on how to judge the quality of gold jewelry... Newman breaks down points such as determining karat value and which chains are more likely to break. She explains tests for jewelry sturdiness and authenticity in layman's terms... a handy guide."

Chicago Sun Times

"Concise, thorough and completely readable for the jewelry neophyte. Professionals in need of a quick reference on jewelry evaluation elements may also profit from the completeness and clarity of this book."


"Highly recommended... excellent photographs... describes what to look for in jewelry fabrication: mountings, settings, marks, fineness and quality. Consumers will learn to test for fakes and karat value...Especially useful is the section on evaluating gold chains. This is another easily read and understood guide by a respected gemologist."

Library Journal

"Set at exactly the right standard for both professional sales staff and for those who come across gold and precious metals less often...with chapters on terminology, manufacturing methods, and setting techniques and their evaluation chains (and how cheap ones frequently kink), determination of fineness and of fakes, colours, coin jewellery, As always the text is very easy to read and the pictures succeed very well. There is a useful bibliography and the price is amazingly low, as always with this publisher. Both publisher and author must be highly commended once more."

Journal of Gemmology

"A must-read for anyone who buys gold jewelry."

Atlantic Journal & Constitution

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