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Take Charge of Your Bones

Osteoporosis Prevention can help you get started. Learn:

   ■  How to help prevent osteoporosis and broken bones

   ■  How to select bone-building exercises

   ■  How to get enough bone nutrients from food

   ■  How to determine if you need supplements

   ■  How to maintain good posture

   ■  How to choose a bone density test center

   ■  How to understand bone density reports

   ■  How to be a proactive patient

 by Renée Newman, ISBN: 0-929975-37-5

 US $15.95, Paperback, 6"x 9", 176 pages 


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       ". . . The book is written from a patient’s experience and her secrets to bone care. This book is so interesting that I finished reading it the following day. . . The author translates all the technical terms into everyday English which makes this book so easy to read and understand."   

                          Dr. Sheng-Mou Hou, Ex-minister, Dept. of Health / Taiwan, Dept. of Orthopaedics, NTUH


   "The author, from a patient’s perspective, collects all sources of professional information and her abundant personal experience as a base to describe osteoporosis. She explains how osteoporosis would be handled by doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel. She also encourages the patients to prevent broken bones by exercises and diets in their daily life. This kind of medical book is hardly available in Taiwan . Dr. Wu has translated the book with excellence. I thus strongly recommend the book to all patients and medical professionals.”                              

Dr. Keh-Sung Tsai, The 4 th President of Taiwan Osteoporosis Association,

                                              Vice Superintendent, Nat’l Taiwan Univ. Hosp. / Taiwan 

  ". . . clarifies the inaccurate concepts from the Internet. It contains abundant information and really deserves my recommendation."             

Dr. Yung-Kuei Soong, The 6th President of Taiwanese Osteoporosis Assn. (TOA)

                                        Vice Superintendent, Chang Gung Mem. Hosp., Linkou Medical Center / Taiwan


   “. . . a complete, practical, and easy-to-read reference for osteoporosis prevention . . . As the founding president of the Taiwan Osteoporosis Association, I am delighted to recommend this book to you.” 

                                                                                         Dr. Ko-En Huang, Founding President of TOA


    “With great interest, I have read Renée Newman’s Osteoporosis Prevention which provides complete and practical information about osteoporosis from a patient’s perspective. . . .  a “must-read” reference for osteoporosis prevention"

                         Tzay-Shing Yang, The 3rd President of TOA, President of Taiwan Menopause Care Society


    "The author, Renée Newman has abundant experience in translating technical terms into everyday English. She writes this book about osteoporosis prevention from a patient’s perspective. These two elements contribute to an easy-to-read and understandable book for the public. To the medical professions, this is also a very valuable reference."

Dr. Chyi-Her Lin, Dean of Medical College , Nat’l Cheng Kung Univ. / Taiwan 


    "I was impressed with the comprehensive nature of Osteoporosis Prevention and its use of scientific sources. Citations from doctors and medical journals substantiate the information provided in the book. I was also impressed with the good exposition of bone density studies. This is helpful for the lay person because not all doctors discuss osteoporosis with their patients or fully understand it.

    "The fact that the author has struggled with bone loss and can talk from personal experience makes the book more interesting and easy to read. Another good feature is that the book has informative illustrations and tables, which help clarify important points. I congratulate the author for writing a sound and thorough guide to osteoporosis prevention."

Ronald Lawrence, MD, PhD,

 Co-chair of the first Symposium on Osteoporosis of the National Institute on Aging


    "Very strongly recommended reading for anyone having to deal with the condition of osteoporosis in their family or family history and is seeking to avoid bone loss themselves, Osteoporosis Prevention: A Provocative Approach To Strong Bones And Good Health by consumer writer Renee Newman is a competent and thoroughly "reader friendly" approach to preventing osteoporosis. Inclusive of information on how to: help prevent osteoporosis and broken bones; get enough calcium and other bone nutrients from food; make exercise safe and fun; retain a youthful posture; select a bone density center; get maximum benefit from your bone density exam; understand bone density reports; avoid being duped by advertising; help seniors maintain their muscles and their bones; how medical professionals can motivate patients; and how to be a savvy patient. Osteoporosis Prevention should be a part of every community health center and public library Health & Medicine reference collection for non-specialist general readers."

Midwest Book Review


"A wonderful, wonderful book! Anybody concerned about osteoporosis should definitely read it."

Frankie Boyer, host of the nationally syndicated Frankie Boyer Show


     "Plenty of women's health guides cover osteoporosis as part of their overall view on women's health and aging: OSTEOPOROSIS PREVENTION: A PROACTIVE APPROACH TO STRONG BONES & GOOD HEALTH goes beyond introductions to advocate an actual prevention program beginning with getting enough calcium and exercise to understanding differences between bone density testing centers, getting the most from such a report, and avoiding common problems. 


    "I really liked the personalized examples in this book and the overall depth of information. I learned things I’d never known before. For example, I didn’t realize how many different diseases and drugs could lead to osteoporosis. I finally learned what the term "AP spine" meant. I’d been using it for years without knowing its meaning. I also learned a great deal about bone density reports and testing.

     "Osteoporosis Prevention has a very user-friendly layout and writing style, which makes it easy to read. I’ve given copies of it to my sister, a couple of friends, and I’ve mentioned it to some of my patients. It has a lot of beneficial advice on diet, exercise, supplements and posture. I highly recommend this book to anybody who wants a good overview of osteoporosis prevention."

Cathy Davis, orthopedic nurse

    "I very much enjoyed reading Osteoporosis Prevention. I felt like I was on an educational adventure into the world of DXA tests and bone health. Rather than being very stiff and dryly educational, I found the reading to be captivating, with warmth and personal enthusiasm. Recently entering the world of menopause myself, I was delighted to find a book that encouraged me to be proactive about my own bone health, even if my medical insurance won’t pay for a DXA test yet.

    "On a professional level as an RN on an ortho-neuro floor, I get to see first hand the problems that osteoporosis can contribute to with spine and bone fractures. It definitely slows the healing process down and tarnishes the "golden" years. Proactive prevention is definitely the way to go and this book enthusiastically encourages that."

Mary R. Mercado, RN

Table of Contents

1.  Why I Decided to Write a Book on Osteoporosis

     Short Answers to Basic Questions about Osteoporosis

2.  Density Versus Strength

     Quiz: Chapters 1 & 2

3.  Who is at Risk?

     Osteoporosis Risk Factors you Cannot Change

       Osteoporosis Risk Factors You Can Change

       Diseases & Disorders that can Lead to Osteoporosis 

       Medications that can Cause Osteoporosis

       Quiz: Chapter 3

4.  Basic Bone Terminology 

     Quiz: Chapter 4

5.  Making Exercise Safe & Fun

       How we Know that Exercise Makes Bones Denser

       What Types of Exercise are Good for Bones?      

       My Experiences with Four Types of Exercise

       Bone-loading Activities for the Hip, Spine & Wrist

       Choosing a Trainer

       Making Exercise Fun

       Incorporating Exercises Into Your Daily Activities

       How to Help Seniors Maintain their Muscles & Their Bones

       Quiz: Chapters 5

6.  Why I Volunteer in an Orthopedic Ward

7.  Posture and Osteoporosis

8.  Calcium

      How Much Calcium Do People Need

        How to Determine the Calcium Content of Food

        What Type of Calcium Supplement is Best?

        Substances that Reduce Calcium Absorption

        Substances that Cause Calcium Loss

        Guidelines for Consuming & Buying Calcium

        Consequences of Too Much Calcium 

        Is Coral Calcium Better than other Calcium?

        Is Milk Bad for the Bones?

9.  Other Bone Nutrients

       Vitamin D


        Vitamin K



        Vitamin B12

        Plant-derived Estrogens

        Nutrients that can be Bad and Good for Bones

10. Fighting Osteoporosis & Losing Weight

        Osteoporosis, Body Weight & Dieting

        Osteoporosis and Eating Disorders

        How I Lost Weight Fighting Osteoporosis

        How You can Lose Weight yet Get Adequate Nutrition

        A Wish List for Eating Out

11.  Osteoporosis Drugs: Pros & Cons  

12.  Vibrating Platform Therapy

        Promising Results for Lay People

         Making Vibration Therapy Safe

13.  Understanding Density Reports

       What is a T-score?

         What is a Z-score?

         What's More Important the T-score or the Z-score?

         What's the Difference Between the T-score and BMD?

14.  Bone Density Testing        

         Types of Bone Density Tests

         How Accurate are Bone Density Tests?

         Who Should be Tested?

         Osteoporosis in Men

         How often Should People be Tested?

         Contrasting Experiences With Bone Density Testing

         Results of my Interviews about Bone Density Centers

         Are Bone Density Tests Worthwhile?

         Measuring Bone Turnover with Blood & Urine Tests

15.  Side Benefits of Bone Density Tests

       How Bone Density Tests Can Helped You

          Why Testing Centers Should Communicate with Patients

          Why Technologists May Not Discuss Test Results

          Paying for Bone Density Tests

          Finding a Bone Density Center

          Should a Doctor's Order be Required for DXA Tests?

          Why You Should Study your Density Reports Instead of Relying Solely on your Doctors

16. Pros & Cons of Giving Patients Their Medical Reports

         Why Keeping Copies of Your Test Results Comes in Handy

        Doctor's Concerns About Giving Patients Their Medical Reports

17. Hip and Spine Density Tests: A Case Study

      My Bone Density Exams

        Four-year Study of the Changes in my Bone Densities  

      My Bone Density Data  

        Follow-up Visit with an Osteoporosis Specialist

        Don't Be Duped by Testimonials

        My Conclusions from this Four-Year Study

18. How to Help Prevent Osteoporosis & Broken Bones 

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